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Séminaire de Lucas Brivadis

14h00-15h00 – Online Infinite-dimensional Luenberger observers: application to a crystallization process Lucas Brivadis (LAGEPP, Université Lyon 1) Abstract. During a crystallization process, the Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is a relevant information that needs to be estimated through other measurements, such as the Chord Length Distribution (CLD). The PSD-to-CLD mapping depends on particle geometry. We propose […]


Séminaires de Zheming Wang & Anne-Kathrin Schmuck

14h00-15h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S) Stability and stabilization of black-box switched linear systems: Probabilistic guarantees and sample complexity Zheming Wang (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) Abstract. Data-driven methods have been quite a success in handling complex dynamical systems. In this presentation, I will talk about stability analysis of a particular class of hybrid systems, […]


Séminaire de Nicolas Vanspranghe

10h00-11h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S) Output regulation for infinite-dimensional systems: A forwarding-based approach Nicolas Vanspranghe (GIPSA-lab) Abstract. The output regulation problem for infinite-dimensional nonlinear systems is considered. In particular, we allow the output operator to be unbounded, which is the case in boundary control problems, and we assume the original dynamics to be a […]


Séminaire de Paolo Piccione

11h00-12h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S) Minimal 2-spheres in ellipsoids via global bifurcation theory Paolo Piccione (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil) Abstract. I will give an overview of classical results in variational Bifurcation Theory, present some applications to geometric variational problems, and discuss a concrete problem concerning the multiplicity of minimal 2-spheres inside sufficiently elongated […]


Séminaire de Emmanuel Gobet

11/05/2021 – 16h30-17h30 – Online Federated stochastic control of numerous heterogeneous energy storage systems Emmanuel Gobet (CMAP, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau) Abstract. We propose a stochastic control problem to control cooperatively Thermostatically Controlled Loads (TCLs) to promote power balance in electricity networks. We develop a method to solve this stochastic control problem with a decentralized architecture, […]