Articles dans des revues

Low-complexity graph-based traveling wave models for HVDC grids with hybrid transmission lines: Application to fault identification

Kieffer, Verrax, Alglave, Bertinato, Raison
Electric Power Systems Research, 205, p. 10.1016/j.epsr.2021.107710, 2022

On the Global Optimality of Whittle’s Index Policy for Minimizing the Age of Information

Kriouile, Assaad, Maatouk
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 68 (1), p. 572-600, 2022

Leaderless consensus formation control of cooperative multi-agent vehicles without velocity measurements

Nuño, Loria, Panteley
IEEE Control Systems Letters, 6, p. 902-907, 2022

Proportional Integral regulation control of a one-dimensional semilinear wave equation

Lhachemi, Prieur, Trélat
SIAM j. control optim., 60 (1), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, p. 1–21, 2022

A Model-Based Method for System Reconfiguration

QASIM, Hein, Olaru, Garnier, Jankovic
JMD, 144 (1), American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2022

Distributed Derivative-free Learning Method for Stochastic Optimization over a Network with Sparse Activity

Li, Assaad, Zheng
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, p. 1-1, 2022

New Finite-Time and Fast Converging Observers with a Single Delay

Mazenc, Malisoff
Syst. control. lett., 6, Elsevier, p. 1561-1566, 2022

Blind robust image watermarking based on adaptive embedding strength and distribution of quantified coefficients

Rakhmawati, Wirawan, Suwadi, Delpha, Duhamel
Expert Systems with Applications, 187, p. 115906, 2022

Adaptive control of Lipschitz time-delay systems by sigma modification with application to neuronal population dynamics

Orlowski, Chaillet, Destexhe, Sigalotti
Syst. control. lett., 159, Elsevier, p. 105082, 2022

Finite-time stabilization of nonlinear polytopic systems: a control Lyapunov function approach

Kumar Soni, Kamal, Ghosh, Olaru
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 2022

Comparing advanced control strategies to eliminate stick-slip oscillations in drillstrings

Auriol, Boussaada, Shor, Mounier, Niculescu
IEEE Access, 2022
Communications dans des congrès

On breast imaging from joint microwave and acoustic data within a Bayesian framework

Qin, Rodet, Lesselier
16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Madrid, Espagne, 2022
Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

Advances and challenges in computational image aesthetics

Valenzise, Kang, Dufaux
in Human Perception of Visual Information: Psychological and Computational Perspectives, pp. 133-181, Springer, 2022

DC Microgrids for Ancillary Services Provision, Chapter 15,

PEREZ, Damm, Ribeiro
in DC Microgrids for Ancillary Services Provision, Chapter 15, In: IET Book Distributed Energy Storage in Urban Areas, pp. 28p, IET Digital Library, 2022
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