Effects of Roots of Maximal Multiplicity on the Stability of Some Classes of Delay Differential-Algebraic Systems: The Lossless Propagation Case

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Torsional-vibrations Damping in Drilling Systems: Multiplicity-Induced-Dominancy based design

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Coordination between Radio and Computing Schedulers in Cloud-RAN

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When does OMP achieve exact recovery with continuous dictionaries?

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Dictionary-based tensor-train sparse coding

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Statistical Approach based Optimization for the Application of Chaotic Sequences to Radar

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Stochastic Complex-valued Neural Networks for Radar

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Age of Information of Jackson Networks with Finite Buffer Size

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On The Optimality of The Whittle’s Index Policy For Minimizing The Age of Information

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Low-Complexity Channel Allocation Scheme for URLLC Traffic

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Stabilization of an underactuated 1+2 linear hyperbolic system with a proper control

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Linear Parameter Varying Model for a Refuellable Zinc-air Battery

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Robust Satisfaction of Nonlinear Requirements in Control Problems

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Numerical evaluation of source and sensor placement methods for sound field control

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Optimization method for ultrasonic array imaging of defects in complex materials with unknown elastic properties

Corentin Ménard, Sebastien Robert, Dominique Lesselier
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Correlated source localization with orthogonal least squares

Gilles Chardon, José Picheral, François Ollivier
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Quantum Entanglement and the Lorentz Group

Zeno Toffano, Alberto Ottolenghi
11th Colloquium on Quantum Engineering, Foundations & Applications / Ingénierie Quantique, des aspects Fondamentaux aux Applications – IQFA, of the CNRS GDR-3322 , Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)

Incremental Coding for Extractable Compression in the Context of Massive Random Access

Thomas Maugey, Aline Roumy, Elsa Dupraz, Michel Kieffer
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A differential-delay estimator for thermoacoustic oscillations in a Rijke tube using in-domain pressure measurements *

Jean Auriol, Gustavo Artur de Andrade, Rafael Vazquez
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A random matrix analysis of random Fourier features: beyond the Gaussian kernel, a precise phase transition, and the corresponding double descent

Zhenyu Liao, Romain Couillet, Michael Mahoney
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A complete framework for acousto-electric tomography with numerical examples

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Fast Depth and Mode Decision in Intra Prediction for Quality SHVC

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Parallelisation of the Wide-Band Wide-Field Spectral Deconvolution Framework DDFacet on Distributed Memory HPC System

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Lyapunov-based synchronization of networked systems: From continuous-time to hybrid dynamics

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Point interactions for 3D sub-Laplacians

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A design and analysis method for estimator-based multiple model adaptive control

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Generating Relevant Counter-Examples from a Positive Unlabeled Dataset for Image Classification

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