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Séminaire de Emmanuel Gobet

11/05/2021 – 16h30-17h30 – Online Federated stochastic control of numerous heterogeneous energy storage systems Emmanuel Gobet (CMAP, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau) Abstract. We propose a stochastic control problem to control cooperatively Thermostatically Controlled Loads (TCLs) to promote power balance in electricity networks. We develop a method to solve this stochastic control problem with a decentralized architecture, […]


Séminaire de Frédéric Boyer

06/04/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online Dynamics of continuum and soft robots: a strain parametrization based approach Frédéric Boyer (LS2N, IMT-Atlantique, Nantes) Abstract. In this seminar we propose a new dynamic model of Cosserat beams in view of its application to continuum and soft robotics manipulation and locomotion. In contrast to usual approaches, it is based […]


Séminaire de Vincent Perrollaz

23/03/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online Control and Feedback stabilization for entropy solutions to conservation laws Vincent Perrollaz (IDS, Université de Tours) Abstract. Hyperbolic conservation laws are partial differential equations that are used to model many kind of physical phenomena: gas dynamics, traffic flow, electromagnetism, shallow water theory, combustion theory… However even the simplest equation of […]


Séminaire de Alessio Iovine

09/03/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online On the utilization of Macroscopic Information for String Stability of a Vehicular Platoon Alessio Iovine (L2S, CentraleSupèlec) Abstract. Interconnected autonomous vehicles have the capability toreduce stop-and-go waves propagation and traffic oscillations via the concept of String Stability. To improve the platoon stability, several cases of information sharing are usually considered […]


Séminaire de Edouard Pauwels

16/02/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online A mathematical model for nonsmooth algorithmic differentiation with applications to machine learning. Edouard Pauwels (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) Abstract. We are interested in nonsmooth analysis of algorithmic differentiation, a central building block of the learning phase implemented in modern deep learning software librairies, such as Tensorflow or Pytorch. First, I […]