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Séminaire d’Automatique du plateau de Saclay » of iCODE
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Séminaire de Gioele Zardini

15h30-16h30 – Salle des séminaires (L2S) Co-design of Complex Systems: From Embodied Intelligence to Mobility Systems Gioele Zardini (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) ​​​ Abstract. When designing autonomous systems, we need to consider multiple trade-offs at various abstraction levels, and choices of single components need to be studied jointly.For instance, the design of future mobility solutions (autonomous […]


Séminaire de Shanti Swaroop Kandala

14h00-15h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S) Comparison of the bit–torque models for estimating bit-rock interaction parameters in real-time using an adaptive observer Shanti Swaroop Kandala (University of Calgary) Abstract. Obtaining real-time estimates of the bit-rock interaction (BRI) parameters and real-time formation pose significant challenges in developing an automated closed-loop geo-steering system for drilling operations. A […]


Séminaire de Emilia Fridman

14h00-15h00 – Salle des séminaires (L2S) Using Delays for Control Emilia Fridman (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Abstract. In this talk by “using delays” I understand either Time-Delay Approaches to control problems (that originally may be free of delays) or intentional inserting delays to the feedback. I will start with an old Time-Delay approach — to […]


Séminaire de Matteo Della Rossa

14h00-15h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S) Dwell-time stability analysis for switched systems: from linear to (very structured) non-linear subsystems Matteo Della Rossa (UCLouvain, Belgium) Abstract. Since the 90s it is known that, starting from a finite family of asymptotically stable linear subsystems, two important facts hold: The arising switched system is not, in general, asymptotically […]