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Séminaire de Giulia Giordano

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Leveraging the structure at the heart of biological systems Giulia Giordano (University of Trento, Italy) Abstract. Biological systems can be seen as dynamical networks, i.e. dynamical systems that are naturally endowed with an underlying network structure, because they are composed of several subsystems that interact according to an interconnection […]


Séminaires d’Andrii Mironchenko et Fabian Wirth

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Puzzles of converse Lyapunov theory for infinite-dimensional systems Andrii Mironchenko (Univ. Passau, Germany) Abstract. We start with a short recap of converse Lyapunov results for the asymptotic stability of nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems. Next, we present a Lyapunov view on the classic criteria for exponential stability of linear infinite-dimensional systems […]


Séminaire d’Alessio Franci

16h00–17h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Indecision-breaking in multi-agent, multi-option opinion dynamics: a symmetry perspective Alessio Franci (Univ. Liège, Belgium) Abstract. How does a group of agents break indecision when deciding about options with qualities that are hard to distinguish? Biological and artificial multi-agent systems, from honeybees and bird flocks to bacteria, robots, and humans, […]


Séminaire de Cristiano Maria Verrelli et présentation du TC 9.2 d’IFAC TC 9.2 par Mariana Netto

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Learning Control: Latest Results and Applications Cristiano Maria Verrelli (Department of Electronic Engineering, Univ. Rome “Tor Vergata”) Abstract. This seminar aims at highlighting new connections — in terms of stability analysis and convergence proof — underlying the design of the Repetitive Learning Control with respect to well established techniques […]


Séminaires d’Andrei Braitor et Saverio Bolognani

13h40–14h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Adaptive droop control design with overcurrent protection for onboard DC microgrids in hybrid electric aircrafts Andrei Braitor (L2S) Abstract. In this talk, an adaptive nonlinear droop-based control approach is proposed for converter-based self-contained electrical power systems (EPS) designed for electric aircraft applications to ensure tight voltage regulation and accurate […]