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Séminaire de Edouard Pauwels

16/02/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online A mathematical model for nonsmooth algorithmic differentiation with applications to machine learning. Edouard Pauwels (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) Abstract. We are interested in nonsmooth analysis of algorithmic differentiation, a central building block of the learning phase implemented in modern deep learning software librairies, such as Tensorflow or Pytorch. First, I […]


Séminaire de Andrea Simonetto

19/01/2021 – 14h00-15h00 – Online Personalized optimization for cyber-physical and social systems Andrea Simonetto (IBM Research Ireland) Abstract. Optimization is the cornerstone of many engineering systems and cyber-physical systems including smart homes, energy grids, and intelligent transportation systems. In many situations however, state-of-the-art optimization algorithms may fail to provide acceptable (and feasible) solutions e.g. because […]


Séminaire de Guilherme Mazanti

08/12/2020 – 14h00-15h00 – Online The multiplicity-induced-dominancy property for scalar differential equations with time-delays Guilherme Mazanti (INRIA équipe DISCO, L2S, CentraleSupélec) Abstract. Even in simple situations with time-delays such as that of linear equations with constant coefficients and constant delays, the spectral analysis of time-delay systems can be a challenging question. Indeed, contrarily to the […]


Séminaire de Riccardo Bonalli

17/11/2020 – 16h00-17h00 – En ligne Towards Principled Algorithms for Stochastic Optimal Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Riccardo Bonalli (Autonomous System Labs, Stanford University, US) Abstract. Nowadays, achieving efficient computations of optimal trajectories for dynamical systems represents a hard problem. In particular, the presence of nonlinearities and uncertainties affecting the outcome makes this task very […]


Séminaire de Thibault Liard

03/11/2020 – 14h00-15h00 – Modalité Hybride Boundary sliding mode control of system of transport equations Thibault Liard (LS2N, Nantes, France) Abstract. We study the asymptotic behavior of a system of transport equations subject to unknown boundary disturbances. Our aim is to construct a boundary feedback law, based on a sliding mode procedure, which rejects the […]