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Séminaires d’Andrea Carlo Morelli et Diego Muñoz-Carpintero

13h40–14h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) EXTREMA: Enabling Autonomous Interplanetary Spacecraft Andrea Carlo Morelli (Politecnico di Milano) Abstract. Space missions are extremely expensive, especially deep-space exploration ones. In recent years, the advent of CubeSats (i.e., miniaturized spacecraft) in Low Earth Orbit has drastically decreased spacecraft integration and development costs. However, the costs required to operate […]


Séminaires de Thibault Moquet et Benoît Bonnet-Weill

13h40–14h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Aggregative nonconvex optimization: two dual-based methods Thibault Moquet (L2S) Abstract. Problems depending only on a cost function and an aggregate term have several industrial applications. In this talk, I will briefly formalize a framework for such aggregative minimization problems, as well as develop two methods in order to find […]


Séminaires d’Anas Makdesi et Sorin Olaru

13h40–14h00 — Amphi Gaston Planté, B2.33 (L2S) An approach for safe learning-based Model Predictive Control Anas Makdesi (L2S) Abstract. In this talk, I will introduce a novel approach to safe learning-based Model Predictive Control (MPC) for nonlinear systems. The approach relies on computing from data sampled from a given system, two models. The first one […]


Séminaires d’Ibrahim Ramadan et Eugenio Pozzoli

13h40–14h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Projection filter for open quantum systems in presence of imperfect measurement Ibrahim Ramadan (L2S) Abstract. Open quantum systems are systems in interaction with an environment. The evolution of an open quantum system undergoing measurement is described by stochastic master equations known as filter equations. The filter equations could be […]


Séminaire de Gioele Zardini

15h30-16h30 – Salle des séminaires (L2S) Co-design of Complex Systems: From Embodied Intelligence to Mobility Systems Gioele Zardini (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) ​​​ Abstract. When designing autonomous systems, we need to consider multiple trade-offs at various abstraction levels, and choices of single components need to be studied jointly.For instance, the design of future mobility solutions (autonomous […]