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Journal articles


Low-complexity graph-based traveling wave models for HVDC grids with hybrid transmission lines: Application to fault identification

Kieffer, Verrax, Alglave, Bertinato, Raison
Electr. power syst. res., 205, Elsevier, p. 10.1016/j.epsr.2021.107710, 2022

Fast fault identification in bipolar HVDC grids: a fault parameter estimation approach

Verrax, Bertinato, Kieffer, Raison
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 37 (1), p. 258-267, 2022

Bounded-error target localization and tracking using a fleet of UAVs

Ibenthal, Kieffer, Meyer, Piet-Lahanier, Reynaud
Automatica, 2021

Uncertainty-Aware Resource Provisioning for Network Slicing

Luu, Kerboeuf, Kieffer
TNSM, IEEE, 2021

MICN: a Network Coding Protocol for ICN with Multiple Distinct Interests per Generation

Malik, Adjih, Weidmann, Kieffer
Computer Networks(187), p. 107816,, 2021

A Coverage-Aware Resource Provisioning Method for Network Slicing

Luu, Kerboeuf, Mouradian, Kieffer
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 28 (6), p. 2393-2406, 2020

Incremental Coding for Extractable Compression in the Context of Massive Random Access

Maugey, Roumy, Dupraz, Kieffer
IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks, 6, p. 251-260, 2020

Transient-based fault identication algorithm using parametric models for meshed HVDC grids

Verrax, Bertinato, Kieffer, Raison
Electr. power syst. res., 185, Elsevier, p. 106387, 2020

Conference papers


Patents and software


Statistical multiplexing of distributed video streams

Changuel, Sayadi, Kieffer
France, Patent n° : 809506, 2011

A video packet scheduling method for multimedia streaming

Changuel, Sayadi, Kieffer
France, Patent n° : 11290068.3, 2011

Scheduling Method for Data Streaming in a Telecommunication Network Infrastructure

Changuel, Sayadi, Kieffer
Union européenne, Patent n° : 10306046.3, 2010

Joint Encoder and Buffer Regulation for Statistical Multiplexing of Multimedia Contents

Changuel, Sayadi, Kieffer
France, Patent n° : 9290584, 2009

Method for allocating bit rates to video programs transmitted within a fixed rate channel

Changuel, Sayadi, Kieffer
France, Patent n° : EP09305287.6, 2009

Method and apparatus for decoding block codes

Marin, Kieffer, Duhamel, Sayadi, Kumar
France, Patent n° : EP09290070.3, 2009