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Journal articles


Hautus-Yamamoto criteria for approximate and exact controllability of linear difference delay equations

Chitour, Fueyo, Mazanti, Sigalotti
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – Series A, 43 (9), p. 3306–3337, 2023

On the pole placement of scalar linear delay systems with two delays

Fueyo, Mazanti, Boussaada, Chitour, Niculescu
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 40 (1), p. 81–105, 2023

On universal classes of Lyapunov functions for linear switched systems

Mason, Chitour, Sigalotti
Automatica, 155, p. 111155, 2023

On the gap between deterministic and probabilistic Lyapunov exponents for continuous-time linear systems

Chitour, Mazanti, Monmarché, Sigalotti
Electronic Journal of Probability, 28, p. Paper No. 43, 39 pp., 2023

Lyapunov characterization of uniform exponential stability for nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems

Haidar, Chitour, Mason, Sigalotti
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 67 (4), p. 1685-1697, 2022

Lp-asymptotic stability of 1D damped wave equations with localized and linear damping

Kafnemer, Benmiloud, Jean, Chitour
ESAIM: COCV, EDP Sciences, 2022

Characterization of linear switched systems admitting a Barabanov norm

Chitour, Mason, Sigalotti
Mathematical Reports, 2022

On the gap between deterministic and probabilistic joint spectral radii for discrete-time linear systems

Chitour, Mazanti, Sigalotti
Linear Algebra and its Applications, 613, p. 24-45, 2021

Conference papers


Stability criteria for singularly perturbed linear switching systems

Chitour, Haidar, Mason, Sigalotti
ICSC 2022 – 10th International Conference on Systems and Control, Marseille, France, 2022

Reproducing Sensory Induced Hallucinations via Neural Fields

Tamekue, Prandi, Chitour
International Conference on Image Processing, Bordeaux, France, 2022

Insights into the multiplicity-induced-dominancy for scalar delay-differential equations with two delays

Fueyo, Mazanti, Boussaada, Chitour, Niculescu
TDS 2021 – 16th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Guangzhou, Chine, 2021

Effects of Roots of Maximal Multiplicity on the Stability of Some Classes of Delay Differential-Algebraic Systems: The Lossless Propagation Case

Mazanti, Boussaada, Niculescu, Chitour
MTNS 2021 – 24th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2021), Cambridge, Royaume-Uni, 2021

On the decay rate for degenerate gradient flows subject to persistent excitation

Chitour, Mason, Prandi
IFAC World Congress 2020, Germany, Berlin (virtual), Allemagne, 2020

Stabilization of a perturbed chain of integrators in prescribed time

Chitour, Ushirobira
CDC 2019 – 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Nice, France, 2019

Converse Lyapunov theorems for infinite-dimensional nonlinear switching systems

Haidar, Chitour, Mason, Sigalotti
CDC 2019 – 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Nice, France, 2019

Stability analysis of a 1D wave equation with a nonmonotone distributed damping

Marx, Chitour, Prieur
MECHATRONICS 2019 – NOLCOS 2019 – 8th IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems – 11th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems, Vienne, Autriche, 2019

Dynamic Parameters Identification of an Industrial Robot With and Without Payload.

Bahloul, Tliba, Chitour
18th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2018, Stockholm, Suède, 2018

Dynamic Parameters Identification of an Industrial Robot: a constrained nonlinear WLS approach

Bahloul, Tliba, Chitour
IEEE MED’18 : The 26th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Zadar, Croatie, 2018


Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

Controllability of Keplerian Motion with Low-Thrust Control Systems

Chen, Chitour
in Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 18, pp. 344-364, 2016

Stabilization of persistently excited linear systems

Chitour, Mazanti, Sigalotti
in Hybrid Systems with Constraints, pp. 85-120, Wiley-ISTE, 2013

Controllability of partial differential equations

Chitour, Trélat
in Advanced Topics in Control Systems Theory, pp. 171–198, Springer, 2006

Stability Analysis of a Metabolic Model with Sequential Feedback Inhibition

Chitour, Grognard, Bastin
in Positive Systems: Proceedings of the First Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Positive Systems: Theory and Applications (POSTA 2003), vol. 294, pp. 143-150, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2003

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