Doctorant (1e année) - Communications Sémantiques


PhD Thesis : Semantic and Goal-oriented Wireless Communications

Description : Communication systems to date primarily aim at reliably communicating bit sequences. Such an approach provides efficient engineering designs that are agnostic to the meanings of the messages or to the goal that the message exchange aims to achieve. Next generation systems, however, can be potentially enriched by folding message semantics and goals of communication into their design. Further, these systems can be made cognizant of the context in which communication exchange takes place, providing avenues for novel design insights. This thesis is intended to develop new approaches that utilize information theory, signal processing, and machine learning to provide the foundations of semantics and task-aware goal-oriented wireless communications.

Duration : October 2023 – Present

Funding : CDSN (Contrat Doctoral Spécifique aux Normaliens)

Supervising team :
– Main Supervisor : Antoine Berthet (IPHYCOM)
– Co-Supervisor : Marco Di Renzo (IPHYCOM)
– Co-Supervisor : Giuseppe Valencieze (MULTINET)