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Efficient MCMC sampling via asymptotically exact data augmentation

Speaker — Maxime Vono (IRIT — INP-ENSEEIHT) https://s3-seminar.github.io/seminars/maxime-vono/ Abstract — Performing exact Bayesian inference for complex models is computationally intractable. Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms can provide reliable approximations of the posterior distribution but are expensive for large datasets and high-dimensional models. A standard approach to mitigate this complexity consists in using subsampling techniques […]


Riemannian geometry for data analysis: illustration on blind source separation and low-rank structured covariance matrices

Speaker — Florent Bouchard (L2S — CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec) https://s3-seminar.github.io/seminars/florent-bouchard/ Abstract — In this presentation, Riemannian geometry for data analysis is introduced. In particular, it is applied on two specific statistical signal processing problems: blind source separation and low-rank structured covariance matrices. Blind source separation can be solved by jointly diagonalizing some covariance matrices. […]


Contactless detection of cardiopulmonary activity for a person in different scenarios

Speaker — Sarah Samad (IETR-INSA Rennes, Rennes, France) Abstract — Nowadays, contact-less monitoring patient’s heartbeat using Doppler radar has attracted considerable interest of researchers, especially when the traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements with fixed electrodes is not practical in some cases like infants at risk or sudden infant syndrome or burn victims. Due to the microwave […]


Structured Sparsity Regularization for online MR Image Reconstruction in Accelerated T2* Imaging

Speaker — Philippe Ciuciu (CEA/NeuroSpin & Inria Saclay Île-de-France Parietal) Abstract — Reducing acquisition time is a major challenge in high-resolution MRI that has been successfully addressed by Compressed Sensing (CS) theory. While the scan time has been massively accelerated, the complexity of image recovery algorithms has strongly increased, resulting in slower reconstruction processes. In […]


Robust Semiparametric Efficient Estimators in Complex Elliptically Symmetric Distributions

Speaker — Stefano Fortunati, (IPSA, Paris, France) The seminar will be online here (web based, no account needed) Abstract — Covariance matrices play a major role in statistics, signal processing and machine learning applications. This seminar focuses on the semiparametric covariance/scatter matrix estimation problem in elliptical distributions. The class of elliptical distributions can be seen […]