UQSay #39

Date : 16/12/2021
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Lieu : Online (Teams)

The thirty-ninth UQSay seminar on UQ, DACE and related topics will take place online on Thursday afternoon, December 16, 2021.

2–3 PM — Gianni Franchi (U2IS, ENSTA Paris) — [slides]

Encoding the latent posterior of Bayesian neural networks for Uncertainty Quantification

Bayesian neural networks (BNNs) have been long considered an ideal, yet unscalable solution for improving the robustness and the predictive uncertainty of deep neural networks. While they could capture more accurately the posterior distribution of the network parameters, most BNN approaches are either limited to small networks or rely on constraining assumptions such as parameter independence. These drawbacks have enabled prominence of simple, but computationally heavy approaches such as Deep Ensembles, whose training and testing costs increase linearly with the number of networks. In this work we aim for efficient deep BNNs amenable to complex computer vision architectures, e.g. ResNet50 DeepLabV3+, and tasks, e.g. semantic segmentation, with fewer assumptions on the parameters. We achieve this by leveraging variational autoencoders (VAEs) to learn the interaction and the latent distribution of the parameters at each network layer. Our approach, Latent-Posterior BNN (LP-BNN), is compatible with the recent BatchEnsemble method, leading to highly efficient ({in terms of computation and} memory during both training and testing) ensembles. LP-BNNs attain competitive results across multiple metrics in several challenging benchmarks for image classification, semantic segmentation and out-of-distribution detection.

Joint work with Andrei Bursuc, Emanuel Aldea, Séverine Dubuisson & Isabelle Bloch

Ref: arXiv:2012.02818

Organizing committee: Pierre Barbillon (MIA-Paris), Julien Bect (L2S), Nicolas Bousquet (EDF R&D), Didier Clouteau (MSSMAT), Amélie Fau (LMT), Filippo Gatti (MSSMAT), Bertrand Iooss (EDF R&D), Alexandre Janon (LMO), Sidonie Lefebvre (DOTA), Fernando Lopez-Caballero (MSSMAT), Didier Lucor (LISN), Emmanuel Vazquez (L2S).

Coordinator: Julien Bect (L2S).

Practical details: the seminar will be held online using Microsoft Teams.

If you want to attend this seminar (or any of the forthcoming online UQSay seminars), and if you do not already have access to the UQSay group on Teams, simply send an email and you will be invited. Please specify which email address the invitation must be sent to (this has to be the address associated with your Teams account).

You will find the link to the seminar on the « General » UQSay channel on Teams, approximately 15 minutes before the beginning.

The technical side of things: you can use Teams either directly from your web browser or using the « fat client », which is available for most platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android & iOS). We strongly recommend the latter option whenever possible. Please give it a try before the seminar to anticipate potential problems.