Séminaire de Nicolas Vanspranghe

Date : 28/10/2021
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Lieu : Salle du conseil (L2S)

10h00-11h00 – Salle du conseil (L2S)

Output regulation for infinite-dimensional systems: A forwarding-based approach

Nicolas Vanspranghe (GIPSA-lab)

Abstract. The output regulation problem for infinite-dimensional nonlinear systems is considered. In particular, we allow the output operator to be unbounded, which is the case in boundary control problems, and we assume the original dynamics to be a contraction semigroup with a strictly dissipative generator. To address the regulation problem towards a constant reference, the plant is extended using a (possibly vector-valued) integrator of the regulation error.
Furthermore, a feedback law is designed such that the resulting augmented system admits an attractive equilibrium. Sufficient conditions for the existence of such a stabilising feedback law are given by extending the classical forwarding methodology. Our results are illustrated on examples of partial differential equations.
This is a joint work with Lucas Brivadis (Postdoc at L2S, CentraleSupélec)

Biography. Nicolas Vanspranghe received his Engineering Degree from École Centrale de Lyon and his M.S. Degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Lyon (Claude Bernard) in 2019. Since then, he has been a PhD candidate at GIPSA-lab. His research interests include the analysis of infinite-dimensional systems (stability and performance in both state space and frequency domain), and control of infinite-dimensional systems (boundary control, dynamical control, nonlinear control, etc), with applications to vibration and propagation equations, and more general wave dynamics.