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Immersive Video Technologies

Edited by Giuseppe Valenzise, Martin Alain, Emin Zerman and Cagri Ozcinar.

Published by Elsevier Academic Press, on 29 September, 2022.

Paperback ISBN: 9780323917551

eBook ISBN: 9780323986236

From capture to representation, coding, and display, video technologies have been evolving significantly and in many different directions over the last few decades, with the ultimate goal of providing a truly immersive experience to users. After setting up a common background for these technologies based on the plenoptic function theoretical concept, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the leading technologies enabling visual immersion, including omnidirectional (360 degrees) video, light fields, and volumetric video. Following the critical components of the typical content production and delivery pipeline, the book presents for each immersive video modality its acquisition, representation, coding, rendering and quality assessment approaches, reviewing current standardization efforts and exploring new research directions.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Immersive Video Technologies