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Journal articles


A cortical-inspired sub-Riemannian model for Poggendorff-type visual illusions

Baspinar, Calatroni, Franceschi, Prandi
Journal of Imaging, 2021

A bio-inspired geometric model for sound reconstruction

Boscain, Prandi, Sacchelli, Turco
JMN, 11 (1), BioMed Central, p. 2, 2021

Worst Exponential Decay Rate for Degenerate Gradient flows subject to persistent excitation

Mason, Chitour, Prandi
SIAM j. control optim., 59 (4), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, p. 3040-3067, 2021

Point interactions for 3D sub-Laplacians

Adami, Boscain, Franceschi, Prandi
Non Linear Analysis, Elsevier, 2020

Cortical-inspired Wilson-Cowan-type equations for orientation-dependent contrast perception modelling

Bertalmio, Calatroni, Franceschi, Franceschiello, Prandi
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2020

Visual illusions via neural dynamics: Wilson-Cowan-type models and the efficient representation principle

Bertalmio, Calatroni, Franceschi, Franceschiello, Gomez-Villa, Prandi
J Neurophysiol, 123 (5), American Physiological Society, p. 1606-1618, 2020

Hardy-type inequalities for the Carnot-Carath\’eodory distance in the Heisenberg group

Franceschi, Prandi
The Journal of Geometric Analysis, 2020

On the Essential Self-Adjointness of Singular Sub-Laplacians

Franceschi, Prandi, Rizzi
Potential Analysis, 53, p. 89-112, 2019

Highly corrupted image inpainting through hypoelliptic diffusion

Boscain, Chertovskih, Gauthier, Prandi, Remizov
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, p. 1–15, 2018

Conference papers


Reproducing Sensory Induced Hallucinations via Neural Fields

Tamekue, Prandi, Chitour
International Conference on Image Processing, Bordeaux, France, 2022

An auditory cortex model for sound processing

Asswad, Boscain, Turco, Prandi, Sacchelli
Geometric Science of Information, Paris, France, 2021

A bio-inspired geometric model for sound reconstruction

Boscain, Prandi, Sacchelli, Turco
IFAC World Conference 2020, Berlin / Virtual, Allemagne, 2020

On the decay rate for degenerate gradient flows subject to persistent excitation

Chitour, Mason, Prandi
IFAC World Congress 2020, Germany, Berlin (virtual), Allemagne, 2020

A cortical-inspired model for orientation-dependent contrast perception: a link with Wilson-Cowan equations

Bertalmío, Calatroni, Franceschi, Franceschiello, Prandi
SSVM 2019: Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, Hofgeismar, Allemagne, 2019

Image inpainting via a control-theoretical model of human vision

Boscain, Gauthier, Prandi
2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA), Anchorage, AK, États-Unis, 2018

Cortical-inspired image reconstruction via sub-Riemannian geometry and hypoelliptic diffusion

Boscain, Chertovskih, Gauthier, Prandi, Remizov
SMAI 2017 – 8e Biennale Française des Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles, La Tremblade, France, 2018

Image processing in the semidiscrete group of rototranslations

Prandi, Boscain, Gauthier
GSI 2015: Geometric Science of Information, Palaiseau, France, 2015

Image Reconstruction Via Non-Isotropic Diffusion in Dubins/Reed-Shepp- Like Control Systems

Boscain, Gauthier, Prandi, Remizov
53th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Los Angeles, États-Unis, 2014


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