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international internship

2003 – G. LOPEZ, « Proyecto fin de carrera » in the framework of an international exchange with the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Modelling and analysis of multicellular transformers. Model validation. Simulation of model with wide dynamic range (7 decades). Development of a control method minimising harmonics and rejecting primary network disturbances.

2003 – I. O. OLAR, end of degree project. in the framework of an agreement with the University of Bucharest in Romania. Collaboration with J. BUISSON, Supélec Renne, specialist in the bond-graph approach. Implementation of the standard form on bond-graphs. The subject consists in exploring the direct or indirect relations that can be established between bond-graphs. This approach allows many applications for the robustness analysis of looped systems (in mechanics, aeronautics, electrical machines, etc.).

2003 – S. SOLLEDAD, « Proyecto fin de carrera » in the framework of an international exchange with the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Position control of a spectro-photo-meter swing. Identification and control of a mechanical system involved in a spectro-photo-meter system (precision mechanics on board the observation satellite of the `Herschel Space Observatory’ project).

2000 – C. Zerbi. Internship carried out within the framework of a double degree politecnico de Milano – Ensta. Internship supervised at distance with the use of mail and HTML documents (distance learning). Identification of strongly coupled multivariate models by state method. Application to the identification of a magnetic bearing model from frequency data. Implementation of new methods defined in state space. Introduction of weights in these methods.

internship in Master

2000 – N. BEN CHAABANE. Internship carried out in the framework of an intercampus collaboration at Supélec, within the EA1399 host team. Study of the direct or indirect relations that can be established between bond-graph and standard form. Determination of the minimal general expression of the standard form associated with a bond-graph.

1998 – B. CLEMENT. Collaboration with the EDF Chambéry hydraulic study centre. Modelling and advanced regulation of hydraulic facilities under load. Creation of original methods and software for the modelling of hydraulic structures (flow system simulation modules). Validation based on on-site measurements. Study of control laws using multi-model synthesis.

1999 – X. Ripoche. Identification of the parameter map of a Preisac Model. Study of physico-chemical reactions with high hysteresis. Development of identification tools using the Preisac hysteresis model with an infinite number of parameters. Application to numerous laboratory measurements. Validation of the method.


Supélec – 2nd year common core (before 1999)

1995-1996 – Pressure regulation of physical systems with high hysteresis (hydrogen dissolution in metal hydrides, application to energy storage).

1996-1997 – Identification for robust control. Search for a model in nominal form + uncertainties characterising a set of measurements.

1996-1997 – Set calculation. Development of calculation tools on polytopes. Search for fast and numerically reliable algorithms.

1997-1998 – Data compression. Application to data storage for system analysis in Automation. Graphical applications.

1997-1998 – Hysteresis modelling. Research into new types of modelling of physical systems with high hysteresis.

1998-1999 – Robust non-linear control. Application to car train control.

Supélec – pre-optional control and signal specialisation (before 1999)

1995-1996 – Robust stability analysis by calculation on polytopes.

1995-1996 – Set calculation on ellipsoids. Identification and sensitivity analysis of models for numerical implementation by calculations on ellipsoids.

1995-1996 – Modelling and control of a physical absorption/desorption process involving actuators and sensors.

1997-1998 – Control of flying machines by switched correctors (gain scheduling).

1997-1998 – Control of flying machines by classical methods implemented by optimisation (optimal corrector in non-linear cases)

1998-1999 – Identification in state space. Study of the properties of new multivariate identification methods.

Supélec – 2nd year. Formal calculation project in the context of a double degree with the Polytechnic University of Milan.

2002-2003 – Identification. Analysis of the existence of a solution of an equation. Application to the study of the identifiability properties of a complex model

2002-2003 – Lexical data analysis. Lexical regularity update using rule-based programming.

2001-2002 – Pedagogy for the calculation rule. Specific implementation of the algebra of rational fractions for pedagogical use in teaching children to calculate.

2001-2002 – Pedagogy . Design tool for plane geometry. Definition of a modelling language for plane geometry. Implementation of calculations and plots on this language.

Supélec – 2nd year project (1999-2003 long term projects)

1999-2000 – Computation of a control law by convex optimization. Management of performance/stability/energy consumption trade-offs.

2000-2001 – Synthesis of controller by optimization. Formalization of the notion of specifications and expression in the form of criteria. Use of a priori information and choice of parameter to achieve convergence.

2000-2001 – Analysis of specifications. Search for the most constraining templates that can be respected by a control structure. Formalization and resolution by convex optimization.

2001-2002 – Calculation on generalized state forms. Currently used for industries using fine modelling of their processes (aviation, space). In this case, one unknown is the Laplace variable, the others are the system parameters.

2002-2003 – Re-tuning of a corrector. Implementation of a method of (re)-tuning a corrector by optimization allowing to take into account several classical requirements: response time, rejection time of a disturbance, filtering effects with respect to the measurement noise, robustness of the control law, energy and maximum value of the control… Application to a position servo and a magnetic suspension.

Supélec – 2nd year project (after 2003 short projects)

2003-2004 – Study of the convergence behaviour of optimization algorithms for automatic applications (corrector tuning and identification). Comparison and analysis of different criteria/method combinations.

Supélec – 1st year project (after 2002 first year synthesis project)

2002-2003 – Formal calculation for modelling. Formal calculation of state and transfer representation from bond-graph representation.

2003-2004 – Graphic modification of the transfer function. Requirements analysis, development of an interface.

2003-2004 – High tech Bode plot. Obtain an informative Bode plot: asymptotes, pole characteristics, simple elements, stability…