UQSay #31

Date : 03/06/2021
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Lieu : Online (Teams)

The thirty-first UQSay seminar on UQ, DACE and related topics, organized by L2S, MSSMAT, LMT and EDF R&D, will take place online on Thursday afternoon, June 3, 2021.

2–3 PM — Adrien Touboul (IRT SystemX & CERMICS) — [slides]

Uncertainty Quantification in graphs of functions through sample reweighting

The needs for multidisciplinary simulations in the design of complex industrial systems motivate the development of Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis methods that are compatible with disciplinary autonomy. This presentation focuses on decomposition methods based on sample reweighting. The design process is modeled by a graph, whose nodes are simulation codes and edges are exchanges of variables. The first part of this presentation is dedicated to the study of one particular reweighting method, based on the minimization of a Wasserstein distance. An explicit expression of the weights is exhibited in terms of Nearest Neighbors and some consistency results and rates of convergence are derived. The second part is dedicated to the general propagation of the weights in directed acyclic graphs, inspired from an existing algorithm of Amaral, Allaire & Willcox (2014). A general framework is developed to characterize the consistency of the global algorithm in terms of local weighting condition at each node. We observe that some weighting schemes can be obtained naturally from nonparametric linear regressions and linear smoothers. An interesting equivalence with some already existing tools in the literature permits to simplify the numerical computations part. The final algorithm does not require that the simulation codes have to be run at the same time or in a specific order. Hence, it allows for disciplinary autonomy.

Joint work with Julien Reygner.

Ref: hal-02968059.

Organizing committee: Julien Bect (L2S), Emmanuel Vazquez (L2S), Didier Clouteau (MSSMAT), Filippo Gatti (MSSMAT), Fernando Lopez Caballero (MSSMAT), Amélie Fau (LMT), Bertrand Iooss (EDF R&D).

Practical details: the seminar will be held online using Microsoft Teams.

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You will find the link to the seminar on the “General” UQSay channel on Teams, approximately 15 minutes before the beginning.

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