MODESTY — MODelling, ESTimation and analysis of sYstems


The MODESTY team is interested in system modelling, estimation and analysis of dynamical systems. The main theoretical axes are identification, observation, stability and delays, with a particular interest in applications to life sciences.

Research subjects:
Modelling, Model reduction, Identification, Estimation and observation, Stability and stabilisability, Synchronisation, Infinite-dimensional systems, Time delay systems, Fractional systems, Structural properties, Fault detection

Identification and Observation

Interval and/or finite time observation for linear or nonlinear systems with the objective of finite time convergence or using sampled data measurements.

Stability and synchronization of nonlinear systems

  • Stability and robustness analysis of an equilibrium point or a set.
  • Estimation of the region of attraction
  • Analysis of periodic trajectories or limit cycles.

Time delay systems

  • Analysis of stability and stabilisability of nonlinear systems with delays using different techniques.
  • Analysis of the stability/stabilisation of fractional systems with delays,
  • Study of the roots of quasi-polynomial functions.

Applications to life sciences

  • Observation and control of bioprocesses
  • Estimation of specific growth rates for anaerobic digestion models
  • Modelling and control for cancer, in particular for acute myeloblastic leukaemia.

Other applications

  • Control of autonomous vehicles
  • Analysis and control of networked systems
  • Active control of vibrating beam and petroleum drilling systems.



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