Industry 4.0

Industry of the future, in the wave of the current fourth industrial revolution, will be powered by the drastic increase in the information processing capacities, the communication networks expansion, the development of modeling and simulation tools, and the advances of management and logistics processes. In this context, the “Industry of the future” interdisciplinary axis federates the L2S research and education works within the three research poles, but also in link with CentraleSupélec and University Paris-Saclay.

Keywords : interoperability, additive manufacturing, digital twins, agile production, artificial intelligence, supply chain, cyberphysical systems, IoT

This technological transformation that is characterized by an interconnection of machines, robots and systems within the industrial sites (and between them), and with the outside world, paves the way for a new organization of production means at different levels, including the supply chain, the manufacturing and the distribution of products. This new organization is empowered by Cyber-Physical systems that interact intelligently and continuously with the environment in physical and virtual ways.

Due to these advances, the products and production means of the future will be increasingly complex and intelligent. They have to be connected, interoperable, and secure… and will make use of tools, technologies and evolved production modes (additive manufacturing, intelligent sensors, collaborative robots, artificial intelligence, digital twins, IoT, Big Data).

We present hereafter some related research activities at L2S.

Advanced control of machines for additive manufacturing. The objective is to enhance the speed and accuracy of the manufacturing process for each layer considering Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technique and appropriate control of the laser galvanometers– Contact: Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Didier Dumur.

Non-destructive 3D tomography using X rays for the control of mechanical parts in the aeronautical domain or for the verification of luggage in airports.  – Contact: Nicolas Gac, Charles Soussen.

Optimization of wireless networks for reliable and low latency communications between machines/robots, and joint design of communication protocols and control schemes for cyberphysical systems – Contact: Salah El Ayoubi.


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