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Model Predictive Control and Estimation for Motor Drive Systems

Tuesday 4th July at 14:00, in Salle du Conseil (4th floor), Bât. Breguet. Salle du Conseil (4th floor), Bât. Breguet, CentraleSupélec3 rue Joliot Curie91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France Speaker: Matthias Preindl, Associate Professor at Columbia University Title: Model Predictive Control and Estimation for Motor Drive Systems Abstract: This talk explores motor drives research and results that leverage optimization tools to […]


Séminaires d’Andrii Mironchenko et Fabian Wirth

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Puzzles of converse Lyapunov theory for infinite-dimensional systems Andrii Mironchenko (Univ. Passau, Germany) Abstract. We start with a short recap of converse Lyapunov results for the asymptotic stability of nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems. Next, we present a Lyapunov view on the classic criteria for exponential stability of linear infinite-dimensional systems […]


Séminaire de Cristiano Maria Verrelli et présentation du TC 9.2 d’IFAC TC 9.2 par Mariana Netto

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S) Learning Control: Latest Results and Applications Cristiano Maria Verrelli (Department of Electronic Engineering, Univ. Rome “Tor Vergata”) Abstract. This seminar aims at highlighting new connections — in terms of stability analysis and convergence proof — underlying the design of the Repetitive Learning Control with respect to well established techniques […]


Avis de soutenance Monsieur Nicolas MONNIER

Avis de soutenanceMonsieur Nicolas MONNIER Soutiendra publiquement ses travaux de thèse intitulés “EXASKA : PARALLÉLISATION SUR SERVEUR DE CALCUL INTENSIF POUR LE RADIOTELESCOPE EXASCALE SKA” Titre anglais : ExaSKA : Parallelization on a High Performance Computing server for the exascale radiotelescope SKA Ecole Doctorale : Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication Spécialité […]


UQSay #61

The sixty-first UQSay seminar on UQ, DACE and related topics will take place online on Thursday afternoon, June 8, 2023. 2–3 PM — Sophie Ricci (CECI, CERFACS & UMR 5318) — [slides] On the merits of using remote sensing Earth Observation data to reduce uncertainties in flood forecasting with ensemble-based data assimilation Flood simulation and […]