Séminaire de Cristiano Maria Verrelli et présentation du TC 9.2 d’IFAC TC 9.2 par Mariana Netto

Date : 19/06/2023
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Lieu : Salle du conseil (L2S)

14h00–15h00 — Salle du conseil (L2S)

Learning Control: Latest Results and Applications

Cristiano Maria Verrelli (Department of Electronic Engineering, Univ. Rome “Tor Vergata”)

Abstract. This seminar aims at highlighting new connections — in terms of stability analysis and convergence proof — underlying the design of the Repetitive Learning Control with respect to well established techniques such Adaptive Control, Adaptive Learning and Regulator Control design.

Biography. Cristiano Maria Verrelli is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Coordinator of the M.Sc. Degree in Mechatronics Engineering. His research interests are in dynamic systems analysis, robust adaptive nonlinear control and learning control theory with application to electrical machines, electrical vehicles, robots, physiological systems, epidemic models, harmonic structures in human movement. He is co-recipient of the IFAC grant for the activity: Kids in Control and member of the Technical Committee 9.2. of IFAC “Systems and Control for Societal Impact” for the triennium 2020–2023.

15h00–15h30 — Salle du conseil (L2S)

Presentation of IFAC TC 9.2

Mariana Netto (Univ. Gustave Eiffel)

Short presentation of the activities of IFAC’s TC 9.2 “Systems and Control for Societal Impact”