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Journal articles


Hybrid Observer-based Asymptotic Stabilization of Non-uniformly Observable Systems: a Case Study

Maghenem, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, Aguado-Rojas
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, p., 2023

A switching observer for a class of non-uniformly observable systems via singular time-rescaling

Aguado-Rojas, Hoang, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, Respondek
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A Unified Controller for Multi-State Operation of the Bi-Directional Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter

Broday, Damm, Pasillas-Lépine, Lopes
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Extended-Braking-Stiffness Estimation Under Varying Road-Adherence Conditions

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 28 (5), p. 1964-1971, 2020

Acceleration Estimation Using Imperfect Incremental Encoders in Automotive Applications

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, de Bernardinis
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 28 (3), p. 1058-1065, 2020

A hybrid controller for ABS based on extended-braking-stiffness estimation

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria
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On the compensation of incremental encoder imperfections for motion control: a DC motor case-study

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, de Bernardinis
IFAC-PapersOnLine, 51 (13), p. 627-632, 2018

Closed-loop firing rate regulation of two interacting excitatory and inhibitory neural populations of the basal ganglia

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A new prediction scheme for input delay compensation in restricted-feedback linearizable systems

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Extended braking stiffness estimation based on a switched observer, with an application to wheel-acceleration control

Hoang, Pasillas-Lépine, de Bernardinis, Netto
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 22 (6), p. 2384-2392, 2014

Conference papers


A Hybrid Observer-based Controller for a Non-uniformly Observable System

Maghenem, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, Aguado-Rojas
61st IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Cancún, Mexique, 2022

Fast Computational Dynamic Model of Traction Drive for Electric Vehicles

Desreveaux, Labouré, Béthoux, Mayet, Iovine, Pasillas-Lépine, Roy
2022 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC 2022), Merced, États-Unis, 2022

Modeling and dynamic feedback linearization of a 5-switch tri-state buck-boost bidirectional DC-DC converter

Broday, Damm, Pasillas-Lépine, Lopes
International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), Valencia, Espagne, 2021

On Consensus of Double Integrators Over Directed Graphs and with Relative Measurement Bias

Sukumar, Panteley, Loria, Pasillas-Lépine
57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2018), Miami Beach, FL, États-Unis, 2018

A switched adaptive observer for extended braking stiffness estimation

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria
ACC 2018 – American Control Conference, Milwaukee, États-Unis, 2018

Angular velocity estimation from incremental encoder measurements in the presence of sensor imperfections

Aguado-Rojas, Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, de Bernardinis
IFAC 2017 – 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, Toulouse, France, 2017

Modelado macroscópico de una población de neuronas para el estudio de una estimulación eléctrica

Buffa, Pasillas-Lépine
SABI Congreso Argentino de Bioingenieria, San Nicolas de los Arroyos, France, 2015

Hybrid anti-lock braking system algorithms and switched extended braking stiffness observers : Two tools for modern braking systems

2015 SIAM Conference on Control and its Applications, Paris, France, 2015

A switching observer for systems with linearizable error dynamics via singular time-scaling

Hoang, Pasillas-Lépine, Respondek
MTNS 2014, Groningen, Pays-Bas, 2014

Preliminary results on output tracking control for restricted-feedback linearizable systems with input delay

Pasillas-Lépine, Loria, Hoang
52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control CDC 2013, Milano, Italie, 2013


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