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L2S, CentraleSupélec
3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France



Journal articles


Necessary stability conditions for reaction-diffusion-ODE systems

Bajodek, Lhachemi, Valmorbida
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Boundary output feedback stabilisation of a class of reaction–diffusion PDEs with delayed boundary measurement

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Local Output Feedback Stabilization of a Nonlinear Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation

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Local output feedback stabilization of a Reaction-Diffusion equation with saturated actuation

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Pitchfork-bifurcation-based competitive and collaborative control of an E-bike system

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Finite-dimensional observer-based PI regulation control of a reaction-diffusion equation

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Stability analysis of reaction–diffusion PDEs coupled at the boundaries with an ODE

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Nonlinear boundary output feedback stabilization of reaction–diffusion equations

Lhachemi, Prieur
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Local output feedback stabilization of reaction-diffusion PDEs with saturated measurement

Lhachemi, Prieur
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Output feedback stabilization of reaction–diffusion PDEs with a non-collocated boundary condition

Lhachemi, Prieur
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Proportional Integral regulation control of a one-dimensional semilinear wave equation

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PI Regulation of a Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Delayed Boundary Control

Lhachemi, Prieur, Trélat
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Post-lockdown abatement of COVID-19 by fast periodic switching

Bin, Cheung, Crisostomi, Ferraro, Lhachemi, Murray-Smith, Myant, Parisini, Shorten, Stein, Stone
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In-domain stabilization of block diagonal infinite-dimensional systems with time-varying input delays

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Feedback Stabilization of a Class of Diagonal Infinite-Dimensional Systems with Delay Boundary Control

Lhachemi, Prieur
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Input-to-State Stability of a Clamped-Free Damped String in the Presence of Distributed and Boundary Disturbances

Lhachemi, Saussie, Zhu, Shorten
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Exponential Input-to-State Stabilization of a Class of Diagonal Boundary Control Systems with Delay Boundary Control

Lhachemi, Shorten, Prieur
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Boundary Control of a Nonhomogeneous Flexible Wing with Bounded Input Disturbances

Lhachemi, Saussie, Zhu
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ISS with respect to boundary and in-domain disturbances for a coupled beam-string system

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An enhanced velocity-based algorithm for safe implementations of gain-scheduled controllers

Lhachemi, Saussié, Zhu
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Flutter Suppression for Underactuated Aeroelastic Wing Section: Nonlinear Gain-Scheduling Approach

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An Extension of Lyapunov’s First Method to Nonlinear Systems With Non-Continuously Differentiable Vector Fields

Lhachemi, Saussie, Zhu
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Explicit hidden coupling terms handling in gain-scheduling control design via eigenstructure assignment

Lhachemi, Saussié, Zhu
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Gain-Scheduling Control Design in the Presence of Hidden Coupling Terms

Lhachemi, Saussié, Zhu
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 39 (8), p. 1872-1880, 2016

Conference papers


Enthusing engineering students over multi-agent systems control via human-robot interaction

Petit-Magat, Lhachemi, Stoica Maniu, Aarsh, Da Silva
27th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, Timisoara, Roumanie, 2023

Magneto-Inertial Dead-Reckoning Navigation with Walk Dynamic Model in Indoor Environment

Neymann, Berthou, Jourdas, Lhachemi, Prieur, Girard
IPIN 2023 – 13th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, Nuremberg, Allemagne, 2023

Challenges for Control Engineering Curricula Motivating 800 Students via Current Trends in Industry and Research

Stoica Maniu, Chaillet, Dumur, Godoy, Font, Lhachemi, Olaru, Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Sandou, Siguerdidjane, Tebbani, Vlad, Bourdais
22nd World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC 2023), Yokohama, Japon, 2023

Global Output Feedback Stabilization of Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion PDEs

Lhachemi, Prieur
CPDE – 4th IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations, Kiel, Allemagne, 2022

How to efficiently handle 300 projects on Model Representations and Analysis?

Stoica Maniu, Letort, Sandou, Lhachemi, Font, Vlad
13th Symposium on Advances in Control Education, Hamburg Bergedorf, Allemagne, 2022

Output feedback stabilization of Reaction-Diffusion PDEs with distributed input delay

Lhachemi, Prieur
ECC 2022 – 20th European Control Conference, Londres, Royaume-Uni, 2022

A non-Invasive Tyre-Emission Mitigation Strategy for Vehicles with Over-Actuated Traction Control

Pitt, Lhachemi, Corless, Shorten
2022 International Conference on Connected Vehicle and Expo (ICCVE), Lakeland, France, 2022

Regulation of a reaction-diffusion equation with bounded observation

Lhachemi, Prieur
CT 2021 – SIAM Conference on Control and its Applications, Virtual Conference, États-Unis, 2021

Neumann trace tracking of a constant reference input for 1-D boundary controlled heat-like equations with delay

Lhachemi, Prieur, Trélat
IFAC WC 2020 – 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin (virtual), Allemagne, 2020

Robustness of Constant-Delay Predictor Feedback with Respect to Distinct Uncertain Time-Varying Input Delays

Lhachemi, Prieur, Shorten
IFAC WC 2020 – 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin (virtual), Allemagne, 2020

On the design of cyber-physical control system for a smart pedelec (Ebike)

Mannion, Lhachemi, Russo, Sweeney, Shorten
58th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Nice, France, 2019

Control Law Realification for the Feedback Stabilization of a Class of Diagonal Infinite-Dimensional Systems with Delay Boundary Control

Lhachemi, Shorten, Prieur
CDC 2019 – 58th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Nice, France, 2019

On Design for Additive Manufacturing: Review of Challenges and Opportunities utilising Visualisation Technologies

Newell, George, Papakostas, Lhachemi, Malik, Shorten
2019 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC), Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis, France, 2019

An Application of 3D Model Reconstruction and Augmented Reality for Real-Time Monitoring of Additive Manufacturing

Malik, Lhachemi, Ploennigs, Ba, Shorten
52nd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Ljubljana, Slovénie, 2019

Partition modeling and optimization of ARINC 653 operating systems in the context of IMA

Lhachemi, de Azua Ortega, Saussie, Zhu
2016 IEEE/AIAA 35th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Sacramento, États-Unis, 2016

Handling Hidden Coupling Terms in Gain-Scheduling Control Design: Application to a Pitch-Axis Missile Autopilot

Lhachemi, Saussié, Zhu
2016 AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, San Diego, États-Unis, 2016

Hidden Coupling Terms Inclusion in Gain-Scheduling Control Design: Extension of an Eigenstructure Assignment-Based Technique

Lhachemi, Saussié, Zhu
20th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace, Sherbrooke, Canada, 2016

Performance enhancement of a self-scheduled longitudinal flight control system via multi-objective optimization

Lhachemi, Saussie, Zhu
2014 American Control Conference, Portland, États-Unis, 2014

A Robust and Self-Scheduled Longitudinal Flight Control System: a Multi-Model and Structured H-infinity Approach

Lhachemi, Saussie, Zhu
AIAA Scitech Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, National Harbor, États-Unis, 2014

Book chapters


Output feedback stabilization of a reaction-diffusion PDE in the presence of saturations of the input and its time derivatives

Lhachemi, Prieur
in Advances in Distributed Parameter Systems, vol. 14, pp. 45-68, Springer International Publishing, 2022

Industry 4.0 and The Sharing Economy

Shorten, Oliver, Clayton, Malik, Lhachemi
in Analytics for the Sharing Economy: Mathematics, Engineering and Business Perspectives, pp. 335-345, Springer International Publishing, 2020