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Journal articles


Fluid-based Energy Efficiency Analysis of JT-CoMP Scheme in Femto Cellular Networks.

Hou, Zitoune, Vèque
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, 5 (1), p. 133-145, 2021

Metric Anticipation to manage Mobility in Mobile Mesh and ad-hoc Wireless Networks

Naimi, Busson, Vèque, Bouallegue
ANN TELECOMMUN, 73 (11-12), Springer, p. 787–802, 2018

A Unified Framework of Clustering Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

REN, Zhang, Khoukhi, Labiod, Vèque
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19 (5), p. 1401-1414, 2018

A Review of Network Mobility Protocols for Fully Electrical Vehicles Services

Imadali, Kaiser, Sivrikaya, El Sayed, Boc, Klaudel, Petrescu, Vèque
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, 6 (3), p. 80-95, 2014

eHealth service support in future IPv6 vehicular networks

Imadali, Karanasiou, Petrescu, Sifniadis, Vèque, Angelidis
Future internet, 5 (3), p. 317-335, 2013

A Composite Mobility Model for Ad Hoc Networks in Disaster Areas

Pomportes, Tomasik, Vèque
REV Journal on Electronics and Communications, 1 (1), p. 62-68, 2011

Modelling Buffer Admission Mechanisms using Stochastic Automata Networks

Fourneau, Pekergin, Vèque, Kloul, Quessette
ANN TELECOMMUN, Springer, 1994

Conference papers


Efficient Data Collection using Aerial Mobile Sinks for Delay Tolerant Wireless Sensor Networks

Vèque, Adamou, Hoteit, Zitoune
2021 13th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC), Montreal, Canada, 2021

TA- TDMA: A traffic aware TDMA MAC protocol for safety applications in VANET

El Joubari, Ben-Othman, Vèque
2021 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Athens, Grèce, 2021

Queuing theory based simulation model for vehicular mobility

Oumaima, Ben-Othman, Vèque
ICC 2021 – IEEE International Conference on Communications, Montreal, Canada, 2021

A Recurrent Neural Network Based Approach for Coordinating Radio and Computing Resources Allocation in Cloud-RAN

Sharara, Hoteit, Vèque
2021 IEEE 22nd International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR), Paris, France, 2021

Coordination between Radio and Computing Schedulers in Cloud-RAN

Sharara, Hoteit, Brown, Vèque
IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, Bordeaux (virtual), France, 2021

Networking Functions for Wireless Sensor Network Applications: an SDN-based Approach

Charfi, Mouradian, Vèque
2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2020), Dublin, Irlande, 2020

Energy Efficiency Analysis of JT-CoMP Scheme in Macro/Femto Cellular Networks

Hou, Zitoune, Vèque
GLOBECOM 2019 – 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Waikoloa, États-Unis, 2019

Offline QoS Association Scheme Based on Clients Priorities and Demands in WLAN Networks

Vèque, Kafi, Mouradian
GLOBECOM 2019 – 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Waikoloa, États-Unis, 2019

Towards the Use of Commercial Flights for Data Collection in Wide White Area Networks

Adamou, Mouradian, Vèque
2019 International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), Barcelona, Espagne, 2019

Effect of Shadowing on Energy Efficiency in Small Cellular Networks

Hou, Zitoune, Vèque
2019 IEEE 27th International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), Rennes, France, 2019


Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

CONVOI : un protocole de formation de clusters pour les réseaux de véhicules

Vèque, Kaisser, Johnen, Busson
in Modèles et algorithmes pour les réseaux véhiculaires, pp. 1-15, Hermès, 2013

Message dissemination in VANET: protocols and performances

Giang, Busson, Vèque
in Wireless Vehicular Networks for Car Collision Avoidance, pp. 71-96, Springer, 2013

CONVOY: a new Cluster-based routing Protocol for Vehicular Networks

Vèque, Kaisser, Johnen, Busson
in Vehicular Networks: Models and Algorithms, pp. 91-129, ISTE Publishing Knowledge /John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2013

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