PhD Student


Hello! my name is Santos, I am a PhD student originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering alongside a supplementary degree in Mathematics from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela in Caracas, I then got my master’s degree in scientific computing (applied mathematics) from the technical university of Berlin, having done my thesis under the supervision of Dr. Cavalcante at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and Prof. Steidl from the institute of mathematics.

I am now doing my PhD in applied mathematics, focusing on theoretical aspects of inverse problems. My supervisors are profs. Ferreira Da Costa ( and Picheral (

Importantly, we are working alongside cleantech startup iUMTEK ( on developing statistical methods for high precision laser induced breakdown spectroscopy.

My research interests are inverse problems, mathematical signal processing, harmonic analysis and statistical learning theory.