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Journal articles


Linear Parameter Varying Model for a Refuellable Zinc-air Battery

Lao-atiman, Olaru, Diop, Skogestad, Arpornwichanop, Cheacharoen, Kheawhom
Royal Society Open Science, 2020

An experimental study for the characterization of biogas production from cow dung and droppings

Baldé, Cellou, Diop, Tebbani
Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection, 2019 (1), p. 54-61, 2019

Influence of micro-environment on yeast population dynamics

Trosset, Tliba, El Ati, Friha, Mogensen, Kahouli, Lacombe, Arkoun, Diop, Ledesma-Amaro, Boussaada
Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection, 2019 (2), p. 5-13, 2019

A new semi-active control based on nonlinear inhomogeneous optimal control for mixed base isolation

Vu, Politopoulos, Diop
Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 25 (1), p. e2032, 2018

Experimental Analysis of the Vibroacoustic Response of an Electric Window-Lift Gear Motor Generated by the Contact Between Carbon Brushes and Commutator

Diop, Rigaud, Cornuault, Grandais-Menant, Bazin
Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 139 (6), p. 061002, 2017

Modeling and software sensors design for anaerobic digestion process

Chorukova, Diop, Simeonov, Tebbani
Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection, 2, p. 62–72, 2016

Relaxation base seismic isolator

Vu, Politopoulos, Diop
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 45 (12), p. 2027 – 2037, 2016

Yes it was a mistake to tell others that I was infected with HIV” Factors associated with HIV disclosure among people with HIV in five countries

Henry, Bernier, Lazar, Matamba, Loukid, Bonifaz, Diop, Otis, Préau
AIDS Behav, 19 (2), Springer Verlag, 2015

Conference papers


Evaluating the maximum domain of parameter model uncertainties in the combustion of a Diesel engine

Mone, Diop, Popescu
2021 25th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC), Iasi, Roumanie, 2021

Estimation of the Specific Growth Rate for the Anaerobic Digestion Process

Baldé, Diop, Tebbani, kante
29th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Puglia, Italy, France, 2021

Modeling of a Continuous Anaerobic Digestion of Wastes

Balde, Tebbani, Diop, Kante
2020 24th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC), Sinaia (virtual ), Roumanie, 2020

Optimal multi-model control for nonlinear systems with parametric uncertainties -Diesel Engine case study

Mone, Diop, Popescu
24th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, October 2020, Sinaia, Romania, Sinaia, Roumanie, 2020

Optimal control for Diesel engine combustion regime

Mone, Diop, Popescu
2019 22nd International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS), Bucharest, Roumanie, 2019

Specific growth rates estimation of a fruits and vegetables wastes anaerobic digestion model

Diop, Chorukova, Ivan
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Ecological engineering and environment protection, Plovdiv, Bulgarie, 2015

On numerical differentiation algorithms for observation problems

Diop, Mounier
MTNS, Groningen, The Netherlands, Pays-Bas, 2014

Pilot scale biogas reactor with computer system for monitoring and control

Diop, Ivan, Chorukova, Christov
Proceedings of the 7th Colloque francophone en énergie, environnement, économie et thermodynamique, COFRET, Paris, France, 2014

A dynamic estimation scheme for specific growth rates of bacteria for an anaerobic wastewater treatment process

Diop, Steyer, Simeonov
17th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC 2013), Sinaia, Roumanie, 2013

A semi-active controller tuning and application to base seismically-isolated structures

Teodorescu, Diop, Politopoulos, Benidir
12th European Control Conference (ECC 2013), Zurich, Suisse, 2013


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