Sorin Olaru is a Professor of CentraleSupélec and a member of the CNRS Laboratory of Signals and Systems, both part of the Paris-Saclay University in France. From 2020 he holds the RTE Chair at CentraleSupélec His research interests are encompassing the optimization-based control design, set-theoretic characterization of constrained dynamical systems as well as the numerical methods in optimization and control. He is currently involved in research projects related to embedded predictive control, fault-tolerant control, and network control (time-delay) systems.

L2S, CentraleSupélec
Bât. Breguet B3.07
3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

+33 (0)1 69 85 13 76




Journal articles

Optimal robust fault detection of discrete‐time LPV systems with measurement error‐affected scheduling variables combining ZKF and pQP

Junbo Tan, Sorin Olaru, Feng Xu, Xueqian Wang, Bin Liang
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2020

Dual mode control strategy for complex and flexible manufacturing systems

Jenny Diaz, Carlos Ocampo-Martinez, Sorin Olaru
Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 2020

Discharge profile of a zinc-air flow battery at various electrolyte flow rates and discharge currents

Ali Abbasi, Soraya Hosseini, Anongnat Somwangthanaroj, Rongrong Cheacharoen, Sorin Olaru, Soorathep Kheawhom
Scientific Data, 2020

Discrete‐time sector based hands‐off control for nonlinear system

Ankit Sachan, Shyam Kamal, Sorin Olaru, Devender Singh, Xiaogang Xiong
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2020

From Obstacle-Based Space Partitioning to Corridors and Path Planning. A Convex Lifting Approach

Daniel Ioan, Sorin Olaru, Ionela Prodan, Florin Stoican, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2020

ZKF-based optimal robust fault estimation of descriptor LPV systems with measurement error-affected scheduling variables

Junbo Tan, Feng Xu, Sorin Olaru, Xueqian Wang, Bin Liang
ISA Transactions, 2019

Set-invariance characterizations of discrete-time descriptor systems with application to active mode detection

Ye Wang, Sorin Olaru, Giórgio Valmórbida, Vicenç Puig, Gabriela Cembrano
Automatica, 2019

Predictive Control Framework for HEV: Energy Management and Free-Wheeling Analysis

Nicoleta Stroe, Sorin Olaru, Guillaume Colin, Karim Ben-Cherif, Yann Chamaillard
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles, 2019

Model-Based Analysis of an Integrated Zinc-Air Flow Battery/Zinc Electrolyzer System

Woranunt Lao-Atiman, Kanya Bumroongsil, Amornchai Arpornwichanop, Palang Bumroongsakulsawat, Sorin Olaru, Soorathep Kheawhom
Frontiers in Energy Research, 2019

Lyapunov-Induced Model Predictive Power Control for Grid-Tie Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter With Dead-Time Compensation

Van-Quang-Binh Ngo, Van-Hiep Vu, Viet-Tuan Pham, Huu-Nhan Nguyen, Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Sorin Olaru, Hoang-Thinh Do
IEEE Access, 2019

Conference papers

Stochastic Complex-valued Neural Networks for Radar

Othmane-Latif Ouabi, Radmila Pribic, Sorin Olaru
European Signal Processing Conference

A novel Motion Cueing Algorithm based on real-time optimization and periodic invariant sets

Martin Soyer, Sorin Olaru, Zhou Fang
4th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA 2020)

A comparison of modelling approaches for closed-loop decision making over discrete domains in manufacturing systems

Jenny Diaz, Sorin Olaru, Carlos Ocampo-Martinez
4th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications

Periodic Set Invariance as a Tool for Constrained Reference Tracking

Martin Soyer, Sorin Olaru, Konstantinos Ampountolas, Sheila Scialanga, Zhou Fang
IFAC World Congress

Lyapunov-based Switching to Mitigate Antimicrobial Resistance

Josephine Tetteh, Sorin Olaru, César Parra-Rojas, Esteban Hernandez-Vargas
IFAC World Congress 2020

Control Systems Engineering made Easy: Motivating Students through Experimentation on UAVs

Cristina Stoica Maniu, Cristina Vlad, Thomas Chevet, Sylvain Bertrand, Antonello Venturino, Gauthier Rousseau, Sorin Olaru
Preprints of the 21st IFAC World Congress

Interpolation Based Control for reference tracking under constraints

Martin Soyer, Sorin Olaru, Zhou Fang
European Control Conference 2020

Interpolating Control with Periodic Invariant Sets

Sheila Scialanga, Sorin Olaru, Konstantinos Ampountolas
ECC 2020 – European Control Conference

Design and Flight Experiments of a Tube-Based Model Predictive Controller for the AR.Drone 2.0 Quadrotor

Nathan Michel, Sylvain Bertrand, Sorin Olaru, Giorgio Valmorbida, Didier Dumur
1st IFAC Workshop on Robot Control

Modernizing Teaching through Experimentation on UAVs Formations

Cristina Stoica Maniu, Cristina Vlad, Thomas Chevet, Gauthier Rousseau, Sylvain Bertrand, Sorin Olaru
12th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Control Education


Model-based System Reconfiguration: a descriptive study of current industrial challenges

Lara Qasim, Marija Jankovic, Sorin Olaru, Jean-Luc Garnier

Set-based safe predictive control for multi-agent dynamical systems

Cristina Stoica Maniu, Minh Tri Nguyen, Sorin Olaru

Mixed-Integer Representations in Control Design

Ionela Prodan, Florin Stoican, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Fully inverse parametric linear/quadratic programming problems via convex liftings

Ngoc Anh Nguyen, Sorin Olaru, Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Morten Hovd, Necoara Ion

Implications of Inverse Parametric Optimization in Model Predictive Control

Martin Gulan, Ngoc Anh Nguyen, Sorin Olaru, Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Boris Rohal’-Ilkiv

Formation reconfiguration using model predictive control techniques for multi-Agent dynamical systems.

Minh Tri Nguyen, Cristina Stoica Maniu, Sorin Olaru, Alexandra Grancharova

Developments in Model-Based Optimization and Control

Sorin Olaru, Alexandra Grancharova, Fernando Lobo Pereira

Predictive Control for Path-Following. From Trajectory Generation to the Parametrization of the Discrete Tracking Sequences

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Fernando Fontes, Fernando Lobo Pereira, Joao Borges de Sousa, Cristina Stoica Maniu, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Low Complexity Invariant Sets for Time-Delay Systems: A Set Factorization Approach

Sorin Olaru, Nikola Stankovic, Georges S. Bitsoris, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques in Distributed MPC Problems

Ionela Prodan, Florin Stoican, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Predictive Control for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Trajectory Tracking

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Control of Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems in the Presence of Constraints

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Cooperative Dynamical Systems with Communication Constraints and Limits of Viability

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

A model predictive control approach for the Pantograph-Catenary positioning system

Andrei Ioan Chiriac, Sorin Olaru, Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe

Polytopic Discrete-Time Models for Systems with Time-Varying Delays

Warody Lombardi, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, Sorin Olaru

A Multi-sensor Switching Scheme with Tolerance to Delay and Packet Loss

Nikola Stankovic, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

On the Tight Formation for Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Set-Induced Stability Results for Delay Difference Equations

Rob H. Gielen, Mircea Lazar, Sorin Olaru

On the feasibility of constrained generalized predictive control

Sorin Olaru, Didier Dumur, I. Dumitrache

Youla-Kucera parameter in explicit control laws

Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Sorin Olaru

Path Following with Collision Avoidance and Velocity Constraints for Multi-Agent Systems

Ionela Prodan, Sorin Olaru, Cristina Stoica, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

Commande prédictive des systèmes dont l’entrée est affectée par un retard variable

Hichem Benlaoukli, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, S. Marinkovic

Commande prédictive sous contraintes

Sorin Olaru, Didier Dumur

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