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Journal articles

Fast fault identification in bipolar HVDC grids: a fault parameter estimation approach

Paul Verrax, Alberto Bertinato, Michel Kieffer, Bertrand Raison
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2021

MICN: a Network Coding Protocol for ICN with Multiple Distinct Interests per Generation

Hirah Malik, Cedric Adjih, Claudio Weidmann, Michel Kieffer
Computer Networks, 2021

A Coverage-Aware Resource Provisioning Method for Network Slicing

Quang-Trung Luu, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Alexandre Mouradian, Michel Kieffer
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2020

Incremental Coding for Extractable Compression in the Context of Massive Random Access

Thomas Maugey, Aline Roumy, Elsa Dupraz, Michel Kieffer
IEEE transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks, 2020

Transient-based fault identication algorithm using parametric models for meshed HVDC grids

P. Verrax, A. Bertinato, Michel Kieffer, B. Raison
Electric Power Systems Research, 2020

Exploiting the Agent’s Memory in Asymptotic and Finite-Time Consensus Over Multi-Agent Networks

Gianni Pasolini, Davide Dardari, Michel Kieffer
IEEE transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks, 2020

Optimal and suboptimal channel precoding and decoding matrices for linear video coding

Shuo Zheng, Marco Cagnazzo, Michel Kieffer
Signal Processing: Image Communication, 2019

Distributed event-triggered control strategies for multi-agent formation stabilization and tracking

Christophe Viel, Sylvain Bertrand, Michel Kieffer, Hélène Piet-Lahanier
Automatica, 2019

Cooperative guidance of a fleet of UAVs for multi-target discovery and tracking in presence of obstacles using a set membership approach

Léon Reboul, Michel Kieffer, Hélène Piet-Lahanier, Sébastien Reynaud
IFAC-PapersOnLine, 2019

Channel Impulsive Noise Mitigation for Linear Video Coding Schemes

Shuo Zheng, Marco Cagnazzo, Michel Kieffer
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2019

Conference papers

On the Problem of Finding « Sets Ensuring Linearly Independent Transversals » (SELIT), and its Application to Network Coding

Hirah Malik, Cédric Adjih, Michel Kieffer, Claudio Weidmann
PEMWN 2020 – 9th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Performance Evaluation and Modeling in Wired and Wireless Networks

Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of the SoftCast Video Transmission Scheme

Anthony Trioux, Giuseppe Valenzise, Marco Cagnazzo, Michel Kieffer, François-Xavier Coudoux, Patrick Corlay, Mohamed Gharbi
2020 IEEE International Conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP)

Analysis of the properties of NetcodICN protocols

Hirah Malik, Cédric Adjih, Michel Kieffer, Claudio Weidmann
CORES 2020 – 5ème Rencontres Francophones sur la Conception de Protocoles, l’Évaluation de Performance et l’Expérimentation des Réseaux de Communication

Radio Resource Provisioning for Network Slicing with Coverage Constraints

Quang-Trung Luu, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Alexandre Mouradian, Michel Kieffer
ICC 2020 – 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

A novel single-ended fault identification algorithm for full selective protection strategy

Paul Verrax, Alberto Bertinato, Michel Kieffer, Bertrand Raison
15th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP 2020)

Low Complexity Versatile Video Coding (VVC) for Low Bitrate Applications

Mourad Aklouf, Marc Leny, Michel Kieffer, Frédéric Dufaux
8th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP 2019)

A set-membership approach to find and track multiple targets using a fleet of UAVs

Sébastien Reynaud, Michel Kieffer, Helene Piet-Lahanier, Léon Reboul
57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2018)

Optimal Opponent Selection for Distributed Multi-Agent Self-Classification

Hang Zou, Youba Nait-Belaid, Michel Kieffer
2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2018)

Aggregated Resource Provisioning for Network Slices

Quang-Trung Luu, Michel Kieffer, Alexandre Mouradian, Sylvaine Kerboeuf
GLOBECOM 2018 – 2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference

Precoding Matrix Design in Linear Video Coding

S. Zheng, M. Cagnazzo, Michel Kieffer
ICASSP 2018 – 2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


Joint Source-Channel Coding and Decoding

Michel Kieffer, Pierre Duhamel

Robust Network Coding

Lana Iwaza, Marco Di Renzo, Michel Kieffer

Heterogeneous and opportunistic wireless networks

Jordi Perez-Romero, Sergio Palazzo, Laura Galluccio, Giacomo Morabito, Alessandro Leonardi, Carles Anton-Haro, Erdal Arikan, Gerd Asheid, Marc Belleville, Ioannis Dagres, Davide Dardari, Mischa Dohler, Yonina Eldar, Sinan Gezici, Lorenza Giupponi, Christine Guillemot, George Iosifidis, Michel Kieffer, Marios Kountouris, Marco Luise, Guido Masera, Javier Matamoros, Natalia Miliou, Dominique Morche, Christophe Moy, Carles Navarro, Gabriella Olmo, Jacques Palicot, Raffaella Pedone, Venkatesh Ramakrishnana, Shlomo Shamai, Piotr Tyczka, Luc Vandendorpe, Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli, Claudio Weidmann, Andreas Zalonis

Multimedia signal processing for wireless delivery

Pierre Duhamel, Enrico Magli, Gabriella Olmo, Christine Guillemot, Michel Kieffer, Claudio Weidmann

Verified global optimization for estimating the parameters of nonlinear models

Michel Kieffer, Mihaly Csaba Markot, Hermann Schichl, Eric Walter

Reliably safe path planning using interval analysis

R. Pepy, Michel Kieffer, Eric Walter

Robust Wireless Network Coding – An Overview

Marco Di Renzo, Lana Iwaza, Michel Kieffer, Pierre Duhamel, Khaldoun Al-Agha

Estimation et traitement garanti des incertitudes de mesure : applications en électrochimie

Isabelle Braems, F. Berthier, Luc Jaulin, Michel Kieffer, Eric Walter

Patents and software

Statistical multiplexing of distributed video streams

Nesrine Changuel, Bessem Sayadi, Michel Kieffer

A video packet scheduling method for multimedia streaming

Nesrine Changuel, Bessem Sayadi, Michel Kieffer

Method and apparatus for decoding block codes

Cedric Marin, Michel Kieffer, Pierre Duhamel, Bessem Sayadi, Vinod Kumar