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Journal articles

Statistically Efficient, Polynomial Time Algorithms for Combinatorial Semi Bandits

Thibaut Cuvelier, Richard Combes, Eric Gourdin
Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems, 2021

Adaptive and Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Online Network Monitoring and Analysis

Sarah Wassermann, Thibaut Cuvelier, Pavol Mulinka, Pedro Casas
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2021

Comparison Between Robust and Stochastic Optimisation for Long-term Reservoir Management Under Uncertainty

Thibaut Cuvelier, Pierre Archambeau, Benjamin Dewals, Quentin Louveaux
Water Resources Management, 2018

Conference papers

Statistically Efficient, Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits

Thibaut Cuvelier, Richard Combes, Eric Gourdin

Asymptotically Optimal Strategies for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits in Polynomial Time

Thibaut Cuvelier, Richard Combes, Eric Gourdin
Algorithmic Learning Theory

ADAM & RAL: Adaptive Memory Learning and Reinforcement Active Learning for Network Monitoring

Sarah Wassermann, Thibaut Cuvelier, Pavol Mulinka, Pedro Casas
15th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM)

RAL – Improving Stream-Based Active Learning by Reinforcement Learning

Sarah Wassermann, Thibaut Cuvelier, Pedro Casas
European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD) Workshop on Interactive Adaptive Learning (IAL)

Comparing Oblivious and Robust Routing Approaches

Thibaut Cuvelier, Eric Gourdin
Programme Gaspard Monge pour l'optimisation


Créer des applications avec Qt 5

Guillaume Belz, Thibaut Cuvelier, Ilya Diallo, Louis Du Verdier, Vincent Meyer, Florent Renault

Web sémantique : méthodes et outils pour le Web de données

Christian Bizer, Tom Heath, Thibaut Cuvelier, Julien Plu, Antoine Seilles

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