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Journal articles


Performance analysis to evaluate overtaking behavior on highways

Ben-Othman, Mokdad
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 124, p. 102721, 2023

Dynamic Parameter Allocation with Reinforcement Learning for LoRaWAN

Chen, Mokdad, Ben-Othman, Fourneau
JIOT, IEEE, p. 1-1, 2023

A Virtual Emotion Detection Architecture With Two-Way Enabled Delay Bound toward Evolutional Emotion-Based IoT Services

Kim, Ben-Othman, Mokdad, Bellavista
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 21 (4), p. 1172-1181, 2022

Dispatch of UAVs for Urban Vehicular Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

Oubbati, Atiquzzaman, Baz, Alhakami, Ben-Othman
IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., 70 (12), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, p. 13174-13189, 2021

Performance evaluation of a solution for composite service selection problem with multiple consumers

Mokdad, Fourneau, Abdelli, Ben-Othman
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 109, p. 102271, 2021

Blockchain for Managing Heterogeneous Internet of Things: A Perspective Architecture

Tseng, Wong, Otoum, Aloqaily, Ben-Othman
IEEE Network, 34 (1), p. 16-23, 2020

DoS detection in WSNs: Energy-efficient methods for selecting monitoring nodes

Monnet, Mokdad, Ballarini, Hammal, Ben-Othman
Concurrency computat., pract. exper., 29 (23), Wiley, 2017

Conference papers


Resource Allocation for Enabled-Network-Slicing in Cooperative NOMA-based Systems with Underlay D2D Communications

Amer, Hoteit, Ben-Othman
2023 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Rome, Italie, 2023

Dealing with complex routing requirements using an MCDM based approach

Mokdad, Bouakouk, Abdelli, Ben-Othman
IEEE International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC’22), Dubronik, Croatie, 2022

Optimization of the Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks Dedicated to Fire Detection in Smart Car Parks using Chaos Whale Optimization Algorithm

Charafeddine Benghelima, Ould-Khaoua, Benzerbadj, Baala, Ben-Othman
International Conference on Communications (ICC 2022), Seoul, Corée du Sud, 2022

TA- TDMA: A traffic aware TDMA MAC protocol for safety applications in VANET

El Joubari, Ben-Othman, Vèque
2021 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Athens, Grèce, 2021

Queuing theory based simulation model for vehicular mobility

Oumaima, Ben-Othman, Vèque
ICC 2021 – IEEE International Conference on Communications, Montreal, Canada, 2021

Delay-Bounded Virtual Emotion Recognition Using IoT Barriers in Advanced Smart Environment

Kim, Ben-Othman, Mokdad, Neilson, Bellavista
GLOBECOM 2019 – 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Waikoloa, États-Unis, 2019

A Seamless Virtual Emotion System with Replaceable Detection toward Proper Emotion-based IoT Services

Kim, Ben-Othman, Mokdad, Lim
2019 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Barcelona, Espagne, 2019

A Decentralized control of Autonomous Delay Tolerant Networks: Multi Agents Markov Decision Processes Framework

Ait Ould Hadj, Kobbane, Ben Othman
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2018), kansas city, États-Unis, 2018

New User Association Scheme Based on Multi-Objective Optimization for 5G Ultra-dense multi-RAT HetNets

Walid, Amine, Kobbane, Ben-Othman
IEEE ICC 2018 Wireless Networking – IEEE ICC 2018 Wireless Networking Symposium, Kansas City, États-Unis, 2018

Modeling accordeon method using SAN

Mansouri, Mokdad, Ben-Othman, Ioualalen
International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kansas City, États-Unis, 2018


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