Stage « Distribution system state estimation via machine learning techniques »

Date limite de candidature : 28/02/2022
Date de début : 01/04/2022
Date de fin : 30/09/2022

Pôle : Automatique et systèmes
Type de poste : Stage
Contact : IOVINE Alessio (

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Internship proposal
Distribution system state estimation via machine learning techniques

Profile: Master student.
Duration: 5-6 months, starting February-March 2022.
Salary: around 600€ per month, according to the working days of the month.
Workplace: CentraleSupélec, 3 rue Joliot-Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Due to the increase in number of electric vehicles, renewable power generation and/or selfconsumption sites, the Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are in a need for real-time estimation or short-term forecasting of the status of low voltage (LV) electrical networks.

To this purpose, the deployment of smart meters seems to allow for a better observability of the LV  grid. However, technical and regulatory constraints limit their utilization, especially in real-time. A possible solution would be to consider classical machine learning techniques for contributing to the  estimation of the state of the LV grid. Indeed, they allow for the possibility to take advantage of the  measurements history in order to achieve the learning step and then execute the model using a very  small number of real-time measurements.

To this purpose, the objective of this internship is to develop and test a state estimator based on neural  network. The main steps to reach this goal are:
– Literature investigation.
– To develop a neural network based state estimator.
– To test the developed estimator in different scenarios.

This internship is part of the research work carried out at the L2S and GeePs laboratories, as part of a  project in collaboration with EDF.

Desired profile
– Master student in the field of artificial intelligence or electrical engineering (energy or control
– Programming (matlab or python) and math skills are required.
– Knowledge of main machine learning techniques (particularly neural networks) are desirable.
– Knowledge of electrical systems is a plus.

Contact : Please send your application (CV + motivation letter) to and

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