Post-Doctoral position: « Scalable stability of multi-agent systems »

Scalable stability of multi-agent systems

Date limite de candidature : 26/01/2024
Date de début : 01/05/2024
Date de fin : 31/04/2025

Pôle : Automatique et systèmes
Type de poste : Post-Doc ou ATER
Contact : Alessio Iovine (

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Post-Doctoral position
Scalable stability of multi-agent systems


Subject: Investigation of scalable stability analysis for nonlinear interconnected systems
Keywords: nonlinear control, multi-agent systems, Input-to-State Stability.
Desired profile: PhD in control, possibly with experience with experience in nonlinear analysis and
multi-agent systems.
Duration: 12 months
Gross Salary: approximately 3200 € monthly.
Application deadline: January 26, 2023
Work place: SYCOMORE Team, L2S, CentraleSupélec, Paris-Saclay University.
Address: 3 rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
Advisor: Alessio Iovine,
————– (email
Large-scale systems refer to complex systems comprised of numerous interconnected components or sub-
systems, potentially exhibiting distinct characteristics for each subsystem. These systems pose challenging
control problems due to their size, complexity, and interactions among the various subsystems. Recently,
results regarding the possibility of studying the local properties of components while ensuring global
properties have been proposed in the literature [1-3]. These findings have the advantage of reducing the
complexity of systems without the need to consider the number of subsystems. The most promising ap-
proach is based on the concept of Input-to-State Stability (ISS), which describes how a system’s behavior
is influenced both by its initial state and external inputs.
The results indicate that there is a dependence between the stability and the topology of the intercon-
nected system. This is intuitive and qualitative, but until now, there has been no quantification to link the
connectivity of the system’s topology, the desired stability convergence rate, and/or a desired level of ro-
bustness, especially in cases where the number of agents varies over time (particularly with plug-and-play
subsystems), as is common in most real-world applications such as electrical networks or traffic control.
By leveraging local properties to guarantee global properties, the main target is to design systems
with scalability features and quantify the correlation with the graph topology. Then, the focus will be on
loosening stability conditions for individual agents while ensuring averaged stability conditions within a
cluster of agents.
The theoretical results can be validated in the context of applications such as smart electrical grids,
traffic control or others.
Desired experience
1. PhD in control, possibly with experience in multi-agent systems and Input-to-State Stability or small-
gain tools;
2. Experience in the design and analysis of networked control systems;
3. Experience in publishing high quality research papers.
The position is available immediately and applications will be accepted until January 26, 2023.
[1] M. Mirabilio, A. Iovine, E. De Santis, M. D. Di Benedetto and G. Pola, « Scalable Mesh Stability of
Nonlinear Interconnected Systems, » in IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 6, pp. 968-973, 2022.
[2] M. Mirabilio, A. Iovine, « Scalable Stability of Nonlinear Interconnected Systems in case of amplifying
Perturbations », 2023 American Control Conference (ACC), San Diego, CA, USA, 2023, pp. 3584-3589.
[3] S. Xie, G. Russo and R. H. Middleton, « Scalability in Nonlinear Network Systems Affected by Delays
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Sept. 2021, doi: 10.1109/TCNS.2021.3058934.
[4] B. Besselink and S. Knorn, « Scalable Input-to-State Stability for Performance Analysis of Large-Scale
Networks, » in IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 507-512, July 2018, doi: 10.1109/LC-
Interested applicants should contact Alessio Iovine, and provide in PDF format (a) a CV, (b) the names
of three or more references, (c) a one page description of their earlier work and (d) a one paragraph
statement about their interest in the advertised position