PhD Proposal 2022 Distributed Event‐Triggered Fault‐Tolerant Control of Multi‐Agents Systems under Constraints

Distributed Event‐Triggered Fault‐Tolerant Control of Multi‐Agents Systems under Constraints

Date limite de candidature : 05/01/2022
Date de début : 01/10/2022
Date de fin : 30/09/2025

Pôle : Automatique et systèmes
Type de poste : Thèses
Contact : Cristina MANIU (

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  PhD Proposal 2022
Distributed Event‐Triggered Fault‐Tolerant Control of Multi‐Agents Systems under Constraints

School ‐ Location: Université Paris‐Saclay (CentraleSupélec and Univ. Evry), France
Laboratory: L2S and IBISC Web site:
Name of the supervisors (co‐supervision):
Cristina MANIU and Mohammed CHADLI

Scientific field:
Engineering & Technology: Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
Free Key words: Event‐triggered control/estimation, Multi‐Agents Systems (MAS), Constraints, Fault‐
Tolerant Control, Lyapunov method, Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI), (quasi)

Details for the subject:

General context: Control of Multi‐Agent Systems (MAS) has been studied in order to achieve a common
objective of several agents cooperating with each other in order to fulfil a common goal. In this sense,
an agent is defined as an element of the system that autonomously performs actions through its
actuators according to the measurements obtained from its environment through sensors. Recently,
fault detection algorithms (FDI) for MAS have been explored in order to increase the reliability and
safety of such systems. Nevertheless, fault‐tolerant control systems (FTC) for MAS in case of sensors
and actuators faults have not been fully addressed.
Description of the work: In this context, the proposed academic subject considers the event‐triggered
control problem for nonlinear Multi‐Agent Systems under constraints. The communication aspect is
considered from a theoretical point of view of the quality of data exchanges between agents; the packet
losses and delays will be particularly taken into account. The investigated event‐triggered controller
should be able of accelerating the speed of convergence in the presence of packet losses, delays and
sensor/actuator faults for cooperative agents, and also guarantee the energy saving of each agent when
possible. In order to maintain overall performances with high availability when faults/delays/packet
losses occur, the extension of Fault Tolerant Control works to a class of nonlinear MAS (such as Linear
Parameter Varying – LPV/quasi‐LPV –qLPV) agents, will be also considered.
An international collaboration is envisaged with Youmin ZHANG from Concordia University, Canada.
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