Cristina MANIU

Cristina Stoica is a Professor at CentraleSupélec/L2S, Université Paris-Saclay. Her main research activities include set-membership state estimation of uncertain systems, predictive control, robust control, cooperative control of multi-agent systems, control education, fault detection and fault tolerant control. She is involved in international cooperations with different research groups and she had multiple scientific exchange visits abroad. Since 2020, she is the head of the research team SYCOMORE of L2S.

L2S, CentraleSupélec
Bât. Breguet C3.17
3 rue Joliot Curie
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

+33 (0)1 69 85 13 78


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Journal articles


Distributed moving horizon state estimation for sensor networks with low computation capabilities

Venturino, Stoica Maniu, Bertrand, Alamo, Camacho
System Theory, Control and Computing Journal, 1 (1), p. 81-87, 2021

Guaranteed Set-Membership State Estimation of an Octorotor’s Position for Radar Applications

Merhy, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho, Ben Chabane, Chevet, Makarov, Hinostroza
International Journal of Control, 2020

Decentralized MPC for UAVs Formation Deployment and Reconfiguration with Multiple Outgoing Agents

Chevet, Vlad, Stoica Maniu, Zhang
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 97, p. 155-170, 2020

Minimum-time B-spline trajectories with corridor constraints. Application to cinematographic quadrotor flight plans

Rousseau, Stoica Maniu, Tebbani, Babel, Martin
Control Engineering Practice, 89, p. 190-203, 2019

Receding horizon flight control for trajectory tracking of autonomous aerial vehicles

Prodan, Olaru, Bencatel, Borges de Sousa, Stoica, Niculescu
Control Engineering Practice, 21 (10), p. 1334-1349, 2013

Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking and Decentralized Navigation of Multi-Agent Formations

Prodan, Olaru, Stoica, Niculescu
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 23 (1), p. 91-102, 2013

Zonotopic guaranteed state estimation for uncertain systems

Le, Stoica, Alamo, Camacho, Dumur
Automatica, 49 (11), p. 3418-3424, 2013

Commande prédictive robuste par des techniques d’observateurs basées sur des ensembles zonotopiques

Le, Stoica, Dumur, Alamo, Camacho
Journal Européen des Systèmes Automatisés (JESA), 46 (2-3), p. 235-250, 2012

Path following with collision avoidance and velocity constraints for multi-agent group formations

Prodan, Olaru, Stoica, Niculescu
AUC, 7(34) (2), Department of Physics, University of Craiova, p. 33-38, 2010

Conference papers


Multi-Vehicle System Localization by Distributed Moving Horizon Estimation over a Sensor Network with Sporadic Measurements

Venturino, Bertrand, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho
2022 Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Trieste, Italie, 2022

How to efficiently handle 300 projects on Model Representations and Analysis?

Stoica Maniu, Letort, Sandou, Lhachemi, Font, Vlad
13th Symposium on Advances in Control Education, Hamburg Bergedorf, Allemagne, 2022

A Tree-Based Multi-Scenario Approach to Networked MPC under Packet Losses and Disturbances

Árauz, Maestre, Cetinkaya, Stoica Maniu
18th IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimization, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 2022

A new L-step neighbourhood distributed moving horizon estimator

Venturino, Bertrand, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Camacho
60th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Austin, États-Unis, 2021

Teaching by practice the basis of consensus for Multi-Agent Systems

Bertrand, Stoica Maniu, Vlad
IFAC Workshop on Aerospace Control Education, Milano, Italie, 2021

Distributed moving horizon estimation with pre-estimating observer

Venturino, Bertrand, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho
24rd International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, Sinaia, Roumanie, 2020

Control Systems Engineering made Easy: Motivating Students through Experimentation on UAVs

Stoica Maniu, Vlad, Chevet, Bertrand, Venturino, Rousseau, Olaru
IFAC 2020 – 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin / Virtual, Allemagne, 2020

A Study on New Trends in Systems Modeling based on 850 Students’ Interest

Stoica Maniu, Letort, Vlad, Sandou
Preprints of 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin, Allemagne, 2020

Chance-Constrained MPC for Voronoi-based Multi-Agent System Deployment

Chevet, Stoica Maniu, Vlad, Zhang, Fernandez Camacho
21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin, Allemagne, 2020

Ellipsoidal Set-Membership State Estimation for Multi-Output Systems with Interval Uncertainties

Ben Chabane, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho, Dumur
European Control Conference, Sankt Petersburg, Russie, 2020


Autres ouvrages scientifiques

Artistic consensus for mobile robots

Stoica Maniu, Bertrand

Distributed localization over sensor camera network for vehicles in urban-like environment

Venturino, Stoica Maniu, Bertrand, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho

Mini-Drone Modeling & Control Design

Wehbe, Arsaoui, Bouallou, Chevet, Castagna, Rousseau, Vlad, Stoica Maniu

Set-membership state estimation of an octorotor applied to radar imaging

Merhy, Stoica Maniu, Alamo, Fernandez Camacho, Ben Chabane, Chevet, Makarov

State estimation of an octorotor with unknown inputs. Application to radar imaging

Chevet, Makarov, Stoica Maniu, Hinostroza, Tarascon

Techniques d’estimation d’état ensembliste pour systèmes incertains

Stoica Maniu, Ben Chabane, Alamo, Camacho, Dumur
Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

Formation reconfiguration using model predictive control techniques for multi-Agent dynamical systems.

Nguyen, Stoica Maniu, Olaru, Grancharova
in Developments in Model-Based Optimization and Control, vol. 464, pp. 183-205, 2015

Predictive Control for Path-Following. From Trajectory Generation to the Parametrization of the Discrete Tracking Sequences

Prodan, Olaru, Fontes, Lobo Pereira, Borges de Sousa, Stoica Maniu, Niculescu
in Developments in Model-Based Optimization and Control, vol. 464, pp. 161-181, 2015
Autres ouvrages scientifiques

On the stability study of local reactive power regulations with respect to the voltage

Cosson, Stoica Maniu, Dumur, Guéguen, Malarange, Gabrion

Analyse du point de vue automatique de la stabilité d’un système complexe

Cosson, Stoica Maniu, Dumur, Guéguen, Malarange, Gabrion
Ouvrages scientifiques

Zonotopes: From Guaranteed State Estimation to Control

Le, Stoica, Alamo, Camacho, Dumur
Wiley-ISTE, 2013
Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques in Distributed MPC Problems

Prodan, Stoican, Olaru, Stoica, Niculescu
in Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy, pp. 273-288, Springer, 2013
Autres ouvrages scientifiques
Chapitres d’ouvrages scientifiques

On the Tight Formation for Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems

Prodan, Olaru, Stoica, Niculescu
in Agent and Multi-Agent Systems. Technologies and Applications, pp. 554-565, Springer, 2012
Autres ouvrages scientifiques

Patents and software



Robustification de lois de commande prédictives multivariables

Université Paris Sud – Paris XI, 2008